Upgrade and Update Policy

Major Releases or Upgrades

A Major Release, also known as an Upgrade, is a generally available release of the Software that contains functional enhancements and extensions, fixes for high severity and high priority bugs, and is designated by Boinx Software by means of a change in the digit to the left of the first decimal point. FotoMagico 6 is a major release. For stepping up from previous versions an upgrade is mandatory. 

The future of update and upgrades

FotoMagico 6 is the last major update. Starting from FotoMagico 6 there will be no more major upgrades. FotoMagico 6 becomes FotoMagico.

The new subscription always contains the license of the latest version. Customers can work always with the lastest version. Regular updates will increase features, security and maintain stability as well as compatibility with the lastest macOS and iOS. The new subscription is a risk-free license model for customers and brings many advantages. Read more about the benefits of subscription licenses.

Upgrade from FotoMagico 5

Sales Upgrade Action - Ends 28th February 2022

Have you  purchased FotoMagico 5 in the last five months? 

Existing Customers who have purchased FotoMagico 5 in the period

from 1st June 2021 – 10th Nov. 2021  

are entitled to apply for a FREE 12-month subscription of FotoMagico 6 without additional costs. This applies to  upgrades to FotoMagico 5 from all previous versions as well. 

Customers with an eligible license shall apply for their personal coupon code by this website: