FotoMagico® 6


The new FotoMagico 6 comes with a variety of free addons called FotoMagico Snippets helps you to tell your story in the best possible way.

Let the music talk. Music Packs included.

The included free-to-use music* packs allows you to create an audio – visual atmosphere nobody can resist. 

The music packs contain perfectly timed audio markers so your transitions are synchronized with the matching music.

*under creative common license

Templates for speeding up the creative process

Snippets for intros, outros, opening titles, closing creditsscreen layouts and music help you get your slideshow done better and faster.


Music Snippets can be used freely. Licenses included.

Music Snippets
Rock & Pop
Piano & Orchestra
Blues, Jazz & Country​

Story Snippets are the storyboard of your slideshow

See which Story Snippets are included in FotoMagico. 

FotoMagico for Mac and iPad


FotoMagico Graphic Snippets

Snippets give you a whole new way to compose complex slideshows quickly by simply choosing from a collection of pre-built story parts and adding in your own photos and videos.
Titles Pack 1

Add 25 amazing title effects to your portfolio, instantly upgrading your slideshows.

Splitscreen Pack 1

Add 13 amazing animated multi-picture layouts to your slideshows for dazzling effects.

Frames Pack 1

24 photo frames of various different styles

Frames Pack 2

23 photo frames of various different styles


FotoMagico Story Snippets

The Story Snippets guide you the way to a great visual story telling. Learn more about 5 great reasons for creating storyboards before a photo shoot.

Stories Pack 1

Quickly create a new slideshow by using pre-built story templates that can be filled with your own images.

Wedding Pack

A comprehensive set of prebuilt elements for professional wedding slideshows. Find out how to animate photos easily and add videos footage from any camera including iPhones or iPads. Create a lasting memory and keep them as unforgettable moments in your slideshow.

Christmas Pack

Quickly create a new Christmas slideshow by using pre-built story templates that can be filled with your own images.

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