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If you’re looking for early access to the latest software developments, check out our beta software download site.  There, you can download developer previews of upcoming releases and be among the first to test new features and provide valuable feedback.

Version History

FotoMagico 6.5.2

Version 6.5.2 – October 2023 FotoMagico 6.5.2 is compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma. Editing text layers works again on macOS Sonoma. Fixed several layout glitches

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FotoMagico 6.5.1

Important: If you are updating from version 6.4.x or 6.5, please download the app manually from because the update process from these versions is

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FotoMagico 6.5

Version 6.5 – September 2023 Improved Comic effect rendering algorithm, with better quality and faster rendering. Newly created layers will automatically use the new algorithm

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FotoMagico 6.4.3

Version 6.4.3 – June 2023 Software Update should work correctly again. Various operations that relied on image or video size to calculate correct layout, were

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FotoMagico 6.4.2

Version 6.4.2 – June 2023 Added a checkbox to Settings that let’s you start fullscreen playback from the beginning of the slideshow, instead of the

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FotoMagico 6.4.1

Version 6.4.1 – May 2023 Added a “Reveal in Slideshow” command for used media files in the media browser. Audio volume in shared slideshows is

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FotoMagico 6.4

Version 6.4 – March 2023 Added AI based background removal effect for image layers that contain persons. Added support for image masks, in addition to

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FotoMagico 6.3.3

Version 6.3.3 – January 2023 Selecting a range of images in the new media browser is now possible by clicking on the first image and

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FotoMagico 6.3.2

Version 6.3.2 – December 2022 Replacing placeholder images in snippets with smart groups (e.g. many in the Splitscreens section) now works correctly and no longer

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FotoMagico 6.3.1

Version 6.3.1 – December 2022 Playback variants now work correctly. The last used slide duration and animation setting is now used when creating new slides.

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