Create stunning travel slideshow

Enhance understanding, increase engagement
and make your presentations more dynamic

The new map styles

Animating maps can add visual interest and engagement to a slideshow by showing the movement or progression of information over time or space. It can also make it easier to understand and interpret the information being presented. Additionally, animated maps can help to hold the audience’s attention and make the presentation more dynamic.

  • A couple of simple, straightforward styles with space for annotations or videos for car, motorcycle and plane trips
  • Navigation system style map
  • Explorer treasure hunting style map
  • Action movie style Cyber map
  • Route 66 memorable road trip retro-style map
  • Comic book-style map
  • Silent movie-style map
  • Adventure style map
  • Artist style map
  • Custom color map

The possibilities are endless with this feature, and we can't wait to see what creative and innovative ways you will use it.

New ways to show your travels

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our platform: the ability to add animated maps to your slideshows! This exciting new feature is sure to take your presentations to the next level by providing a visual and engaging way to showcase the movement on maps.

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