FotoMagico Remote App

About the app

Experience Ultimate Control with FotoMagico Remote!

FotoMagico Remote is a powerful and free companion app for FotoMagico, the acclaimed slideshow editor for Mac.

Take full control of your slideshow presentations directly from your iPhone or iPad. With FotoMagico Remote, you can seamlessly:


  • Navigate through slides: Effortlessly jump to any slide or move to the next or previous slide with a single tap.
  • Start and stop presentations: Begin your slideshow from anywhere and pause it whenever needed.
  • Built-in Teleprompter: Stay on cue with your presentation notes displayed right on your device. View notes for both the current and upcoming slides, and adjust the font size for perfect readability
  • Remote Convenience: Control your slideshow with a simple touch. Move to the next slide or go back to the previous slide effortlessly.


Transform your slideshow presentations with the convenience and flexibility of FotoMagico Remote. Download now and make your presentations smoother, more professional, and stress-free!


Start your Mac-based slideshow from any point.

Move to the next or previous slide with ease.

Jump to any slide instantly.

Pause or stop your slideshow whenever needed.

Display notes for the current slide and upcoming slides.

Automatically scroll notes to the current slide.

Adjustable font size for personalized readability.

The app uses wifi to connect to your Mac running the latest FotoMagico. 

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