FotoMagico 6.0.4

What is new in this version?

Version 6.0.4 – December 2021

  • The Audio Marker Assistant now has an “Analyze” button to automatically create audio markers for music with a steady beat.
  • Added strength curves to mask and border effects. That way the opacity can be animated over time.
  • User-created snippets from FotoMagico 5 can now be imported into FotoMagico 6. If any snippets from FotoMagico 5 are found, you will automatically be asked whether you want to import them when launching FotoMagico.
  • Searching in the Map Assistant has been improved. It now finds more places and displays all search results in a dropdown menu.
  • The behavior of the zoom range slider in the Map Assistant has been changed to be more intuitive.
  • The teleprompter now shows thumbnails of upcoming slides and has a better preparation progress bar.
  • Colors of non-sRGB image files are now displayed correctly.
  • Rendering of text layers that contain emoji characters is now more robust.
  • Internal stability improvements.
System Requirements
FotoMagico requires an Apple Silicon or 64bit Intel Macintosh that runs on OS X Catalina (10.15.2) or newer. Performance in FotoMagico will be best, if you have 8GB of RAM (or more), a graphics card with 512MB of video memory (or more) and an SSD instead of a spinning hard disk.

By downloading the software you agree to the EULA of Boinx Software International GmbH.

About FotoMagico

FotoMagico is a slideshow editor for Apple Macintosh and Apple iPad, developed by Boinx Software International GmbH. The software has been rewarded with several Apple Design Awards. Boinx Software has released FotoMagico 6, the latest version of their top-drawer slideshow authoring software.
The bundle includes applications for both the Mac and the iPad, plus tons of extras including templates and royalty-free music tracks.

Latest Version

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