FotoMagico 6.1 and FotoMagico iPad 1.2

Never ever forget a shot again while creating a visual story

The next big FotoMagico 6 update brings some preloved features back and adds two new transitions to your slideshows. Did you remember the last time you forgot to take this specific photo which you discovered later during building the slideshow? Next time you bring a printout of the shot list to the set and you will never forget to take that specific shot, the shot list is available for story snippets.

For the presenters on stage, the printout of the slideshow script will be very handy and may guide you through your storyline. Great features are now back in FotoMagico 6. Besides that, with several improvements, FotoMagico 6.1 is the best FotoMagico we’ve ever created.

The new release adds the following new features:

– Print slideshow script, contact sheet, and shot list (for story snippets).
– Added two new transitions “Defocus” and “Barn Door”


Added a QR-Code to the Subscription window, so that users can manually transfer an existing license to an iPad, in case the regular installation process fails.


– Fixed a memory leak during slideshow playback, that lead to sluggish behavior in long-running shows.
– Fixed an internal issue when Quicklook thumbnails were omitted when saving a slideshow.
– Several internal stability improvements

What’s new in FotoMagico iPad 1.2?

– Added new transition types
– Added blend mode effects
– Transferring a license from FotoMagico6 for macOS to the iPad by scanning a QR-Code.
– Fixed a potential crash when dismissing the Options popover.
– Fixed a memory leak during slideshow playback, that lead to sluggish behavior in long-running shows.
– Various stability improvements and fixes.

Download FotoMagico 6

About FotoMagico

FotoMagico is a slideshow editor for Apple Macintosh and Apple iPad, developed by Boinx Software International GmbH. The software has been rewarded with several Apple Design Awards. Boinx Software has released FotoMagico 6, the latest version of their top-drawer slideshow authoring software.
The bundle includes applications for both the Mac and the iPad, plus tons of extras including templates and royalty-free music tracks.

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