FotoMagico 6.1.3

What is new in this version?

Version 6.1.3 – June 2022

  • DRM protected files can no longer be dragged into the slideshow, because macOS doesn’t support playback of protected files anymore.
  • Updated some snippets in the Intros and Credits folders.
  • Improved login for Adobe Lightroom CC in the new media browser (beta).
  • Added support for Adobe Lightroom Classic in the new media browser (beta).
  • Improved stability for browsing Apple Music in the new media browser (beta).
  • Snippet previews (QuickLook) in the media browser are now more reliable.
  • Looped audio now plays correctly, no longer applying the volume fade-in every time the audio is looped.
  • Internal stability improvements.

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About FotoMagico

FotoMagico is a slideshow editor for Apple Macintosh and Apple iPad, developed by Boinx Software International GmbH. The software has been rewarded with several Apple Design Awards. Boinx Software has released FotoMagico 6, the latest version of their top-drawer slideshow authoring software.
The bundle includes applications for both the Mac and the iPad, plus tons of extras including templates and royalty-free music tracks.

Latest Version

FotoMagico 6.2.3

Version 6.2.3 – October 2022 Pressing the right arrow key during playback now works correctly again, no longer causing incorrect rendering of upcoming slides. Matching

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