Storyboard vs Timeline View

The Storyboard and Timeline view at the bottom of the document window is the main area for authoring your slideshow. They contain one or more visual tracks, and up to 3 audio tracks. They both allow you to create and edit your slideshow. You can use both views to perform most of the same functions, however, some tasks are easier to achieve in one view than the other. You can only display one view at a time. Use the Storyboard and Timeline buttons to toggle between the two views.

Adding Content

There are several options to add new content to your slideshow:

  • Drag & drop media files from the media browsers in the Sidebar
  • Drag & drop media files from the Finder
  • Drag & drop snippets from the Snippets browser in the Sidebar. More info in Using Snippets
  • Select a command from the Insert submenu in the Slideshow menu

Arranging Content

Telling a great story is all about arranging good images in an appropriate sequence. To rearrange the content you can:

  • Select layers or audio tracks by clicking on them. When selected, they are highlighted in blue.
  • Make a multiple selection by clicking on the background and drag a rectangle across multiple items.
  • Make a multiple selection by clicking on the first item, then press the key and click on the last item.
  • Extend the selection by pressing the key and clicking on another item.
  • Drag selected items to a new location.
  • Change the lifetime of an audio track by dragging its left or right edge.
  • Delete selected items by pressing the key or by choosing Delete from the Edit menu.

Double-clicking an item reveals the Options Sidebar so you can edit parameters for the selected items.

Audio Tracks

FotoMagico has three dedicated audio tracks:

  • Music
  • Ambience Effects
  • Narration

Each track can be muted by selecting a command from the Audio submenu in the Play menu. That way you can create a slideshow with recorded narration, that can be muted when you want to do live narration instead.

To record narration, select Record Narration Assistant… from the Slideshow menu. For more info refer to Narration Assistant.

Timing Info

The Playhead

The playhead indicates where playback will start once you press the ▶︎ button:

  • Move the playhead by clicking on any slide in the Storyboard.
  • Move the playhead by clicking on the blue triangle and dragging it to a new position.
  • Move the playhead by one slide by pressing the or keys.
  • Move the playhead to the beginning of the previous or next chapter by pressing the key or keys.