Click on one of the buttons in the toolbar to reveal the corresponding media browser in the Sidebar.

Media Sources & Containers

At the top of the media browser you will see various media sources, like Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Music, Pictures folder, Music Folder, Movies Folder).

  • Click on the disclosure triangle next to a media source to expand it and list its subcontainers (albums, collections, subfolders).
  • If a container has subcontainers you can drip down by expanding subcontainers.
  • You can add additional folders by dragging them in from the Finder.
  • Remove an added folder by right-clicking it and selecting Remove from the context menu.

Media Files

The lower part of a media browser lists the media files, either as thumbnails (for images and videos) or a list (for audio).

  • Select one or more media files and drag them to the Storyboard or Stage to add them to your slideshow.
  • Once a media files is used in your slideshow, a green icon will appear on the thumbnail


If you want to search for specific images or songs, type a word into the search field below the Image or Audio browser.

Info & Quick Look

  • To view more information about a media file, right-click it in the browser and select Get Info from the context menu or press I.
  • To view an image or video file in full size, right-click it in the browser and select Quick Look from the context menu or press Y.