To create a new slideshow select New from the File menu to open the document chooser. In this window you can:

  • Create new slideshows
  • Open existing slideshows
  • Download demo slideshows
  • Download tutorials

Creating a New Slideshow

Select New at the top of the chooser. Enter a name for the new slideshow, and if not already filled in, also enter your name in the “Author” field. This information is used by various snippets to automatically display the slideshow title and your name in opening and closing credits. Please note that you can always edit this info later by going to the slideshow Settings.

Next, choose the desired slideshow format. In most cases the default format 4K will be appropriate, but if you need something else, then make this choice now. You can change the format later in the slideshow Settings, but doing so might require some adjustments to existing layer and animations, so it’s a good idea to decide on the format up front.

Then click on Create Slideshow to create the new slideshow.

Opening Existing Slideshows

Select Open Recent at the top of the chooser to display the list of recently used slideshow documents. Double-click on the desired slideshow to open it. If the slideshow you are looking for is not in the list, then click on Open Other Slideshow… to choose any slideshow document on your computer.

Downloading Demos & Tutorials

Select Demos or Tutorials to display the available demos and tutorials. Before opening a demo or tutorial, it needs to be downloaded from the Boinx server first. Depending on the file size and the speed of your internet connection, this may take a while. Files that have been downloaded before, can be immediately opened.