In FotoMagico you generally have multiple ways to access your images, videos, and audio files.

  • Drag them from the media browsers in the Sidebar to the Storyboard
  • Drag them from a Finder folder to the Storyboard
  • Insert content by selecting Insert from the Slideshow menu

The most common method to access your media files are the media browser in the Sidebar. If the desired media browser (e.g. Images) is not currently visible, then click on the corresponding button below the Sidebar to switch to this media browser.

The top of the media browser lists various containers (e.g. albums, collections, playlists, folders) from different media libraries, like Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Music, Finder, etc… Below the list of media containers, you can see the media files of the currently selected container.

Drag a media file from the browser to the Storyboard to insert it into your slideshow. A green icon will appear on the thumbnail in the media browser to indicate that this media file is now being used in your slideshow.

More information is available in Media Browsers.