FotoMagico 6.5: Die nächste Evolution der Fotopräsentationssoftware

[Germering, 7th, Sept. 2023] – Boinx Software proudly announces the latest update to its esteemed photo presentation software, FotoMagico 6.5. Launched in September 2023, this version promises enhanced user experience, optimized performance, and a suite of features tailored for the next generation of photo storytellers.

Highlights of FotoMagico 6.5:

  1. Revolutionized Comic Effect Rendering: The improved algorithm ensures faster rendering with superior quality. Existing layers will retain the old algorithm, ensuring consistency, but users have the freedom to switch to the new rendering manually. Check out our new Film Noir demo video.
  2. Introducing the Page Curl Transition: Dive into a new dimension with the Page Curl transition, now available in the 3D category, bringing a tactile feel to digital slideshows.
  3. Enhanced Video Layer Control: Video layers now support playback offset and looped playback, giving users greater control over video sequence and repetitions. These functionalities can be found in the newly added Options subgroup.
  4. Custom Magnetic Guides: Streamline your design process with custom magnetic guides, facilitating repetitive layout tasks on the Stage, editable via the Slideshow Settings.
  5. Improved Navigation and Slide Management: Enhanced features such as selecting a layer in a collapsed chapter now selecting the entire chapter, and the ability to move whole chapters when dragging slides, make slide management more intuitive than ever.
  6. Robust Speech Bubble Rendering: Text layers with speech bubbles now offer crash-free performance and improved visual rendering.
  7. Optimized Editing and Rendering: Experience faster and smoother operations with enhanced performance during layer editing in the Stage, especially when multiple effects are applied. Additionally, the snippet placeholder layers offer improved rendering.
  8. Internal Stability Enhancements: With a focus on user experience, Boinx Software ensures that FotoMagico 6.5 brings with it a plethora of internal stability improvements.

Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software, expressed, “With FotoMagico 6.5, we’ve taken user feedback and our innovation to the next level. Each feature is crafted to enhance storytelling, ensuring photographers can captivate their audience like never before.

Discover all these features and more by exploring FotoMagico 6.5. For more information or to download a trial, please visit

About Boinx Software

Established in 1996, Boinx Software has a legacy of pioneering groundbreaking software solutions for creative professionals and enthusiasts. With products like FotoMagico leading the way, Boinx Software continues to redefine industry standards.

Press Contact:

Steffen Skopp
Leiterin Marketing
Boinx Software International GmbH

Über FotoMagico

FotoMagico ist ein Diashow-Editor für Apple® Macintosh® und Apple® iPad®, entwickelt von Boinx Software International GmbH. Die Software wurde mit mehreren Apple Design Awards ausgezeichnet. Boinx Software hat FotoMagico 6 veröffentlicht, die neueste Version seiner erstklassigen Software zur Erstellung von Diashows.
Das Paket enthält Programme für den Mac und das iPad sowie zahlreiche Extras wie Vorlagen und lizenzfreie Musiktitel.

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