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Welcome to the FotoMagico download website!

Here, you can access the latest stable version of our software. This version has been thoroughly tested and is ready for production use. We appreciate any feedback you can provide to help us improve the software. 
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Early access to beta 

If you’re looking for early access to the latest software developments, check out our beta software download site.  There, you can download developer previews of upcoming releases and be among the first to test new features and provide valuable feedback.


FotoMagico 6.3.3

Version 6.3.3 – January 2023 Selecting a range of images in the new media browser is now possible by clicking on the first image and

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FotoMagico 6.3.2

6.3.2版--2022年12月 用智能组替换片段中的占位符图片(例如分屏部分的许多图片)现在可以正确工作,不再是

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FotoMagico 6.3.1

Version 6.3.1 – December 2022 Playback variants now work correctly. The last used slide duration and animation setting is now used when creating new slides.

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FotoMagico 6.3

6.3b7版 - 2022年11月 FotoMagico 6.3与macOS Ventura兼容。为地图层上的动画路线引入路线头图标。引入自定义地图

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FotoMagico 6.2.3

Version 6.2.3 – October 2022 Pressing the right arrow key during playback now works correctly again, no longer causing incorrect rendering of upcoming slides. Matching

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FotoMagico 6.2.2

6.2.2b2版--2022年9月 引入了一个新的更强大的播放引擎版本,不容易出现偶尔的卡顿现象。修正了一个错误

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FotoMagico 6.2.1

Version 6.2.1 – August 2022 Fixed a bug where the new media browser was rendered unusable when running on macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur.

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FotoMagico 6.2

Version 6.2 – August 2022 The new media browser is now enabled by default. You can still revert to the old media browser in the

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FotoMagico 6.1.6

Version 6.1.6 – August 2022 The search UI for Unsplash and Pexels in the new media browser has been overhauled to be more intuitive. Search

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FotoMagico 6.1.5

Version 6.1.5 – July 2022 Sections in the new media browser can now be collapsed/expanded. The new media browser can now sort media files by

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